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Orthodontics is all about braces and braces are all about moving teeth.

You may want to move your teeth to improve their appearance; for instance when they are crooked or sticking out.  Other common reasons are "fangs" or spaces between the teeth.

The improvement in appearance after braces is the usual reason for having orthodontics.  There are, rarely, other reasons such as teeth stuck under the gums or a bite that is damaging the teeth and/or gums.

Braces can be done at any age.

Braces come in a variety of designs, the most common being the fixed brace that is stuck to the front surface of the teeth.  This brace comes in two types, either metal or whiter ceramic:

Other braces include some that can be removed (see aligners tab) or some that can be stuck to the inside surface of the teeth.
Treatment with braces is personalised to the patient and the best types of brace for your teeth will be discussed at your first visit (see stages of treatment)


Ask your dentist to arrange a referral if you are aged under 18,

or phone to arrange a private appointment without a referral.

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