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Private prices

A private consultation is £55. The consultation fee of £55 is taken in full upon booking the appointment. It is also non-refundable if you fail to attend the appointment booked for you.

The prices for braces for those aged 17 or under, who do not qualify for NHS treatment are £1,600 for upper or lower, and £1,900 for both upper and lower metal braces (including retainers). For patients wanting to have Invisalign, ceramic braces and/or wanting to be seen as soon as possible (under 18s who do not want to wait for NHS slots), prices below will then apply: 

  •  £1,900 for upper or lower metal braces 
  •  £2,500 for upper and lower metal braces
  •  £2,200 for upper or lower ceramic braces (tooth coloured)
  •  £2,800 for upper ceramic lower metal brace
  •  £3,000 for upper and lower ceramic braces
  •  POA- Invisalign & Clear Aligners
  •  £80 per removable retainer
  •  £150 per fixed retainer
  •  £55 fixed retainer removal
  •  £55 fixed retainer repair  (£55 required upon booking to cover cost which is non-refundable)
  • £55 fixed brace repair (regardless of the repair, whether it be a wire trim, bracket replacement, band change, or even just an examination, this fee is applicable due to the time allocated for your appointment. This fee is required upon booking & is non-refundable)
  • £30 for OPG and/or Ceph x-rays (on referral from a dentist only)
  • £100 surgical uncovering of a tooth (e.g. stuck canine, depending on how stuck it is. A referral from your current dentist or Orthodontist is required
  • £100 Wisdom tooth extraction (on referral from your dentist only!).

All prices for courses of treatment include retainers and are irrespective of the overall treatment time.

The price in each individual case can be less than above, depending on the type of brace used and the expected time to correct the teeth.

Other brace types include Clear Aligners, Lingual braces and Inman aligners, prices for these are variable and can be discussed at consultation.

For treatment costs of £1,300 and over, we offer professional instalment options of 0% interest free over 6 or 10 months to help you get the treatment you want in an affordable manner.  We administer these facilities through Medenta Finance.

Patients can also pay in full or by 4 instalments at 0% interest to the practice, for those not wishing to take out finance or whose treatment value is below £1,200. For patients wishing to take up the option of 4 instalments, the payments are due at the first 4 appointments which are usually every 5-6 weeks apart. 

Witney Brace Place is registered and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Ask your dentist to arrange a referral if you are aged under 18,

or phone to arrange a private appointment without a referral.

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