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Dentists' section


Your e-mail referral will get a response to say that it has been received.

Once the patient has been seen we will tell you what the outcome of that first visit was.  This could be that they were too early to do anything, in which case we will review them until ready.  Or they may not want braces or braces may not be possible.  Or it could be that they are ready for braces.

Once your patient is ready for braces you will be told so that you can expect to see braces next time you see them.

If they need extractions then the patient will be given an extraction letter to bring to you so that extractions can be arranged.

We will attempt to phase extractions (maybe uppers first, lowers later) to make it easier for the patient (and the dentist).  Many patients have the brace on first followed by extractions later (so-called therapeutic diagnosis).

At debond you will get notification that the brace is off and retainers will be fitted.

Any patient can contact us at any time after the brace has been removed if they have problems with retainers or movement of teeth.

If you have any questions regarding your patient’s treatment then ideally send an e-mail.  The e-mail address will be sent to you so that you can send a general e-mail rather than a referral e-mail, or you can phone.

Ask your dentist to arrange a referral if you are aged under 18.

We are unable to accept private patients at this moment in time, due to COVID19 and the back-log of NHS patients we have still.

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