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Dentists' section

Other services

Feel free to e-mail or phone us with any questions.  If you would like to meet up I can visit your practice for a cup of tea!

On the other hand visit the practice any time when we are open.  If you want to sit in on a session to learn more about the mystery of braces then give us a call.

Disabled patients who use a wheelchair will not be able to access our surgeries.  If you have any disabled patients who want a consultation and/or treatment then I can see them at your surgery and treat them there.

If you need a digital OPT for a patient then send the patient round with a letter.  We would charge the patient £30.

Ask your dentist to arrange a referral if you are aged under 18.

We are unable to accept private patients at this moment in time, due to COVID19 and the back-log of NHS patients we have still.

Site updated 06-01-2021