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Dentists' section

Your patient’s treatment

At the first visit your patient will be asked about the appearance of their teeth and whether they are prepared to wear a brace.

There are very few orthodontic problems that have to be corrected because they are damaging the teeth or gums.  The most common is an increased overbite where the lower incisors hit the palatal gum; even this is rare.  The usual reason for a brace is appearance.

This means that deciding to do treatment is, most of the time, up to the patient.  We may offer advice on whether treatment is worthwhile but we will not tell patients that they have to do braces; the patient has to make his or her own mind up.

Bear in mind there are many cases that are difficult to improve even though they may, at first glance look easy.  Most of these will require permanent retention or, at the other end of the spectrum, orthognathic surgery.

The issue of permanent retention, if appropriate, will be discussed.  Most mild crowding cases, treated without extractions, will require permanent retention.  The patient needs to decide if this is worth it for them.

When orthognathic surgery is an option then, if the patient is interested, they will be referred to the John Radcliffe.  We have plenty of experience in dealing with surgical cases and can advise appropriately.

We will fully inform each patient about their treatment, and also with a DVD that they can take home if requested.  Each patient will also have the option of a printed out treatment plan if they desire.

When visiting the practice, please only do so if you have an appointment booked. Please do not attend if you are experiencing COVID symptoms, should be isolating, are awaiting a COVID test result, or have been abroad in the last 10 days. The front door will be locked, so when attending please press the buzzer to announce yourself for your appointment. Those in active treatment, please try, if at all possible, to attend alone. 

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