Due to COVID19 we are currently running at 50% capacity, so there are some treatments we are unable to book still, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause patients.  We are, unfortunately, unable to see any private assessments or fittings (NHS & private) at this time 



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In case of an emergency

When braces have just been fitted, it is not uncommon to experience pain or discomfort. The discomfort usually feels like a bruised feeling with the teeth. When braces have been fitted, it can sometimes take around 2-5 days for any achiness to wear off. This can be helped by a soft diet and the use of painkillers (whatever you would take for a headache).This discomfort will eventually settle down and there is, unfortunatly, very little we can do with regards to pain at this stage, if you are having a lot of it. It is also not uncommon for some teeth to feel a little loose during treatment, this is completely normal as we are trying to move them to different positions.

If the brace breaks but there is no pain then you can leave the brace until your next visit.

If there is any pain, such as from a wire sticking into the gum, lip or cheek, then phone us and we will advise you what to do.  If you can see what the problem is then you may be able to rectify it yourself.  Very thin wires can be removed by grabbing with a small plier and pulling, for example.  Alternatively you may be able to cut any bits of wire that are sticking out, by using a pair of nail clippers, but you must be careful to have hold of the wire that is to be removed to prevent it from flying off when cut.  These flying pieces of wire can fly quite fast into cheeks and even eyes so, if in any doubt, leave well alone.

If any of the brackets become un-stuck, this shouldn't cause any pain. The bracket will just slide around on the wire. If it is annoying you, you can use a pair of tweezers and unhook the coloured elastic holding it on, this will cause it to fall off and you can just put it in the bin. We will then replace it at your next adjustment appointment, there is no need to book an appointment before hand to have this repaired. It is not uncommon for this to happen, because some teeth can be under a bit more pressure than others, and the force can sometimes cause the brackets to pop off the teeth. It tends to be a bit more common with lower braces. 

You can call the practice at any time for advice or an appointment. All of our receptionists are dentally trained and can answer any of your questions. 

If the practice is closed and you are in pain or discomfort with your brace, you can contact NHS Direct out of hours by telephoning 111. 

For advice on broken braces, or problems with braces, please visit our Facebook page or: 


Ask your dentist to arrange a referral if you are aged under 18.

We are unable to accept private patients at this moment in time, due to COVID19 and the back-log of NHS patients we have still.

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