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Practice Leaflet

The contractor is Andrew Pearson.

Under the agreement with Oxfordshire PCT performers are: Andrew Ian Pearson (BDS,MMedSci,MOrth,FDSOrth), Sylvia Pearson (BDS) and Emmett Hegarty (BDS,MSC,MFDS RCS,MOrth RCS).

Address: Witney brace place, 15 Langdale Court, Witney, OX28 6FG

Tel:  01993 773807

Disabled access: There is no wheelchair access.  Wheelchair access is available for orthodontic patients within the community dental service, The John Radcliffe Hospital and some other Orthodontic practices within the Oxfordshire area.

To request services: For NHS services ask your General Dentist to send a referral.

Rights: The patient has the rights to request a preferred practitioner by vocalizing their request to someone at the practice.

Services available: NHS Orthodontics to those under 18 yrs at the start of treatment.  Treatment is limited on the NHS to patients to moderate to severe conditions as measured on the IOTN scale.

If you require any information on this site in a different format please contact the practice.

Surgery hours:

Monday - Thursday 09:30-16:30.

Dental provision outside these hours:  You may contact your own dentist in case of emergency outside of normal surgery hours.  Alternatively the out of hours emergency dental service phone number is 111.

Patient rights and responsibilities: you are entitled to:

  •  An orthodontic assessment
  •  An explanation of your options
  •  A written treatment plan
  •  Information about charges
  •  Advice on oral health
  •  Information about this practice
  •  Help in transferring to another dentist if necessary
  •  Make a complaint

You are responsible for:

  •  Giving reasonable notice if you have to cancel or change an appointment
  •  Maintaining your oral health
  •  Paying for lost and broken appliances
  •  Bringing proof of eligibility for NHS treatment
  •  Behaving with courtesy and non-violently

Patients who are abusive or violent will not be treated!

The dentist has the right to refuse to treat any patient.

Your records will remain confidential and secure.  If for any reason they need to be disclosed then you will be contacted prior to disclosure.

Complaints Handling Policy

It is the aim of this practice to ‘Have a Clear and Effective Complaints Procedure’ by meeting the GDC ‘Standards for the Dental Team’, [to meet the NHS complaints requirements] and deliver good practice in complaint handling.

The practice has appointed a Complaints Manager, Yvonne Martin, and our complaints procedure is on display on the practce's notice board.  A summary of our procedure is also available to patients upon request.

Feedback and complaints handling framework
This practice has developed a framework for managing complaints and feedback based on these principles:

  1. All patient feedback is important to us
  2. We want to make it easy for patients to raise a concern or complain, if you need to
  3. We follow a complaints procedure and keep patients informed
  4. We will try to answer all patient questions and any concerns you raise
  5. We want patients to have a positive experience of making a complaint
  6. Patient feedback helps us to improve our service

Recognising complaints
Our team are aware that complaints are any expression of dissatisfaction by a patient (or their representative) about a dental service or treatment. Complaints can be verbal or written and can be about any part of the service we provide. All complaints must be logged internally, even if the complaint was verbal and resolved within 24 hours.

Recording complaints
All complaints are recorded on an Event Record (G 110A) and also logged in our Event Register (G 110B). All correspondence or investigation records are stored with the Record and Register. Complaint Records are treated as confidential at all times and kept separate from clinical records. Only authorised persons have access to the Complaints Records. We submit our annual complaints report to [NHS England/CQC/HIW/RQIA/HIS] and will make it available to any person that requests it.

Handling complaints
The practice team is trained to resolve all complaints promptly, efficiently and politely by following our Patient Complaints Procedure (G 110C/CW). The team responds to complaints in the time limits set by the Patient Complaints Procedure and always provides constructive responses to complaints. The practice never discriminates against a patient who has made a complaint.

Team members cannot react defensively to a complaint but must listen carefully to a patient who makes one whilst involving them fully in the process of managing it. The team members will, to the best of their abilities, endeavour to meet any outcomes the patient expects and offer sincere apologies when appropriate.

If a patient is not satisfied despite our best efforts to resolve the complaint, they will be informed about other avenues that are open to them such as the GDC Dental Complaints Service and the NHS Ombudsman.

The team are regularly trained in complaint handling and are involved in the regular review of complaints, complaints procedures and management so that services, policies and procedures can be continually improved.

Response timescales
All complaints will be acknowledged and responded to by the practice within the timescales detailed in the Patient Complaints Procedure.

We keep patients informed of the status of the complaint during the investigation stage and always aim to resolve the complaint within the timeframe specified in our policies and procedures or as agreed with the complainant.

Online reviews
The practice appoints a team member to regularly check for online reviews. All feedback, both positive and negative is acknowledged and we follow the recommendations for dealing with poor reviews.

NHS England


Phone: 0300 311 2233

Address: NHS England, PO BOX 16738, REDDITCH, B97 9PT

The Private Dental Complaints Service 


Phone: 020 8253 0800

Address: 37 Wimpole Street, London, WG1 8DQ




Phone: 020 7167 6000

Address: 37 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8DQ

When visiting the practice, please only do so if you have an appointment booked. Please do not attend if you are experiencing COVID symptoms, should be isolating, are awaiting a COVID test result, or have been abroad in the last 10 days. The front door will be locked, so when attending please press the buzzer to announce yourself for your appointment. Those in active treatment, please try, if at all possible, to attend alone. 

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