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The stages of treatment

Adjusting the brace

The brace needs to be checked about every 5 or 6 weeks.

Teeth only move slowly so from fitting the brace to removing it usually takes about one to one and a half years.  This can be the annoying thing about braces, they unfortunately are not a quick fix.

Since you have to attend quite a few times it is best if you are near the Orthodontist.

The adjustment appointments are usually very quick (around 5-10 minutes).  Children in treatment can attend their adjustment appointments alone, if they are local and if parents are happy with that, as the appointment are short.  Most brace treatments progress without any problems, so If there were any problems or we needed to discuss treatment with you, we would be happy to call you, to keep you up to date.

We make every effort to progress the treatment as quickly as possible.

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When visiting the practice, please only do so if you have an appointment booked. Please do not attend if you are experiencing COVID symptoms. The front door will be locked, so when attending please press the buzzer to announce yourself for your appointment. Those in active treatment, please try, if at all possible, to attend alone. 

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