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The stages of treatment

Brace fitting

This takes in total, 30 minutes.  Usually we start with the brace on the top teeth, and sometimes this may be all that’s needed.  The lower brace is added later if it is part of the treatment plan, but this does not mean that the treatment will take longer.

Impressions (moulds) of the teeth are usually taken at this stage and these are purely for record purposes. We do not need them in order to make the fixed braces. Photographs will also be taken of the teeth.

The fixed brace has small metal squares (or ceramic squares-private option only) that are called brackets.  These brackets are glued to the middle of each tooth.  The brackets have a slot in the middle of each of them which the wire fits into.  The wire is then held in place by some small elastic bands, which are called o-rings.  These o-rings come in various colours, which you can choose from 1 or 2.  If you do not wish to have colours, they come in clear or silver which blend in with the colour of the brace.  The o-rings are then changed every 5-6 weeks when you return to have the brace adjusted.

The gluing of the brace to the teeth is a simple procedure and painless. There may however, be some aching of the teeth a few hours later. This aching can last for up to 5 days and can only be described as a bruised feeling with the teeth, not a dental/tooth ache pain. Some teeth may feel loose during your treatment, but this is normal because we are moving them around.

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When visiting the practice, please only do so if you have an appointment booked. Please do not attend if you are experiencing COVID symptoms. The front door will be locked, so when attending please press the buzzer to announce yourself for your appointment. Those in active treatment, please try, if at all possible, to attend alone. 

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