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The stages of treatment

Brace Removal

At some point the brace will have done all it can, the teeth will be straight and fit together correctly and the brace can be removed.

The brace removal usually takes around 20 minutes.  The brace comes off very easily and any remaining glue is polished off the teeth.  A mould is then taken so that retainers can be made.  You would then return around 10 days after the brace has been removed, to have the retainer(s) fitted.

Everybody who has orthodontic treatment is given a retainer afterwards, to prevent the teeth from moving.

It is not uncommon to experience slight tooth movement between having the brace removed and the retainer fitted. If this movement does occur, the retainer, when fitted, will squeeze the teeth back into position.

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Ask your dentist to arrange a referral if you are aged under 18.

We are unable to accept private patients at this moment in time, due to COVID19 and the back-log of NHS patients we have still.

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